Local Training

"Diving in Hong Kong? Are there dive sites in Hong Kong?"
"Isn't Hong Kong's ocean filled with marine debris and pollution?"

It is true that we don't have 30 metres of underwater visibility. However, there are still a lot of interesting marine life and coral reef in our ocean.

Students in Hong Kong usually have their training under the not-so-perfect visibility. This has made certified divers who completed their training in Hong Kong more adaptive to different dive environments.

Also, local residents live a fast-paced life. Every vacation seems to be a gift. Isn't it a good decision if you finish the dive training in Hong Kong, and enjoy your dive holiday overseas?

Diving Adventure offers different levels of dive training. We have our own classrooms, pools for confined water training and fleet.

Overseas Training

Diving Adventure runs different levels of dive training in and outside Hong Kong. Among all the overseas dive training locations, the Philippines is one of the most popular ones. Its underwater world is amazing with high visibility; it's close to Hong Kong; it's living standard is relative low.

DA Travel offers Open Water (OW) and Advanced Open Water (AOW) training for interested parties overseas. Allow 5-day-4-night for your itinerary. The tour requires a minimum number of 4 students and departs every Friday or Saturday. Our Cantonese instructor will follow through.

For more information about the rate of package, dates and itinerary, please contact us at 2572 8939.