PADI Five Star Instructor Development Center

Have significant contribution in promoting Scuba Diving.
Tight communication with the society, work-hard for Scuba Education.
Selling and servicing Scuba equipments, qualified for technicians in brands.
Training materials, equipments and knowledges according to International Standards.
The word "Driving" is very similar to "Diving". 

For those who haven't learn driving might feel its a dangerous activity, if you want to drive safely, you must be proper trained in a driving school and successfully obtained a driving license. Accident occurs more often when you drive without a license, also its a criminal crime.

Likewise, for those who haven't learn Scuba Diving might feel the underwater environment is very dangerous, once you are proper trained, Scuba Diving becomes a safe and exciting recreational activity. If you want to explore the underwater world, you must go through a series of training gaining the knowledges for Scuba Diving, Scuba Equipments, Skills and Techniques and the underwater environment. Once you have obtained a Scuba license, you are able to enjoy the underwater world safely.

Why are there over 600 students learning with Diving Adventure every year?

Some of the new students are referred by our old students. What they concern the most is about the price and prefer the shop which offer them the lowest price without concerning the course details and the quality of teaching provided.

Why are there still so many students learning with Diving Adventure even the course fee is slightly higher than the average fee?

Compare with the others, DA's course fee is slightly higher, beacuse we assure students to have a high quality of teaching and trained as a safe diver, when they graduated.

Adventure Team
One of our mission of is caring the Society, by participating in public welfares and promoting the scuba related activities to different levels in the society. They are also included in Youth Organizations, Disable Societies and other non-profit Organization. In the past, we had provided the experience programs and educational events for International Association Hand in Hand Divers (IAHD), Industrial Evangelistic Fellowship, YMCA, The Neighbourhood Advice-Action Council, The Boys’ and Girls’ Clubs Association of Hong Kong, etc. Many of those volunteers which were supported by scuba instructors, dive masters and diving enthusiasts. With their professional support, we had qualitatively provided the opportunities for marginalized workers, low income families, disabilities, etc., leading them to making contact with the underwater aquatic life. With their selflessness and cooperative teamwork, we could elaborate our team spirit in assisting them and maintained the excellence safety record. Their contribution had gained the respects and appreciation from the society. All of these encourage us to continue the Caring towards the Public Welfare and wish you can be one of our Adventure Team member, sharing our experience, joyfulness and team spirit. Contribute your precious time and join us, you may discover that yourself is transforming into a new stage via SCUBA;
If you are a Rescue Diver or an equivalent quality or a higher level, and interest to be one of us, please do contact us or our Course Director Mr. Ivan Chung or Ms Kau Shuen at 25722138, or

PADI's Reputation PADI is the world's biggest Scuba Diver Training Association.
Training Materials Using computerized multimedia, providing different versions in languages, including colourful user manuals and DVDs.
DA's Reputation Diving Adventure is the biggest PADI 5-star IDC center in Hong Kong.
DA's Facilities
Shop sized over 5,000 fts with advanced computerized teaching systems in all classrooms.
Are students insured? DA purchased Teaching Insurance from PADI to protect the benefits of students.
Gear Rental Provide full set of equipment excluding swimming suits and mask with corrective lens.
Pool Training Using indoor-swimming pool in an International school, also numbers of Governmental swimming pool.
Boat Team Four scuba vessels and three speed-boats with gears on-board, definetely NOT shore dive.
Professional Team 1 Course Director accompanied with over 20 experienced qualfied Scuba Instructors.
Student Ratio 1:2 - 1:6  Small class teaching.
Selection of Languages Cantonese, Mandarin, Japanese and Russian.
Course Flexibility We operate 7 days a week, full-day, half-day or evening courses are available up to your schedule.
Validation PADI 5 Star Certification, valid worldwide, No annual fee or renewal is needed.
Course Fees Acceptable price, all fees have to pay in advance including gear rental, certification, pool and training charges.
Continuous Education PADI Advanced Open Water Diver Course, specialty courses applicable.
Numbers of Applicants According to the survey by PADI, DA trained the biggest group of divers for consecutive years in Hong Kong and having an excellent reputation.
Trained & Co-operated Association in past Hong Kong Jockey club, HSBC, HKIS, Apple Daily, LCSD, AFCD, HK Police, HK Disneyland, HK Scout, etc.
Famous Stars trained by us Artist Sammul Chan (PADI Instructor), Singer Alex Fong, Artist Bowie Lam, Action star WuJing, Famous model Qinnie Chan, Miss Hong Kong Koni Lui, Monica Chan, ex-actress Nicola Cheung and Actress LuLu Ng.
Methods of payment EPS, Cash, Visa, Master, Cheque, interest-free instalment by HSBC, BEA, Diners Club and Citibank.