For me, the role of a PADI Instructor is not simply about teaching others to dive. It is also about sharing my experience and insights, my passion for underwater adventure and my love for the sport. 

The first question that most people ask me about diving is: "What is it like?" Well, for the diver, the sensation of breathing underwater is completely unique and an absolutely thrilling experience. Personally, I enjoy taking students on their very first dive as their looks of satisfaction when we surface reminds me of why I became a PADI Instructor - to share with them that feeling of bliss.

Underwater exploration is very exciting and the dive community is extremely friendly. In all the places that I have been to dive, everyone is always very willing to help. Scuba diving is also an opportunity to travel the world. With numerous dive sites across the globe, it is easy to find one to fall in love with.

As a PADI Instructor, I firmly believe that scuba diving is more than just a sport and more than just an adventure. Scuba diving is a lifestyle that incorporates unique and thrilling sensations, a friendly and helpful community, fantastic opportunities to travel to different places, and much more. 

I aim to inspire all of my students and I teach diving so that I may share and promote this exciting lifestyle.