1. Diving Adventure (DA) will NOT provide any mask with correction lens and swimming suits / pants to the applicants. Lunch fee is not included in application fee. (Except Continuing Education Fund Course, Dive Master Course and Instructor Course). However, if the total amount of people is less than 10 people on that day, lunch WILL NOT be provided & NO money will be refunded.

2. DA will only provide normal size wetsuit (XS, S, M, L, XL) to the applicants.

3. Applicants will be liable for any lost or damage to the DA equipment caused by the applicants during the training.

4. For safety, applicants are advised to prepare their own safety equipment such as gloves, knife and torches for open water training.

5. Severe weather consideration, DA will cancel all the outdoor in-water activities in the time of tropical cyclone No. 3 or above and red or black rainstorm warning according to the event starting time, such as 6:00am weather report for open sea activities and 2 hours prior to the pool booking period; Participant(s) must adhere to the course schedule(s). Administration fee will be charged for any change on schedule. (Reschedule or cancel before 48 hrs. of the event starting, admin fee *$300, Reschedule less than 48 hrs. or No show surcharge: Classroom: *$300 or above, Pool: *$600 or above, Open Water Training: *$700 or above, *$300 additional surcharge for Continuing Education Fund Course) *HK Dollars per reschedule / session

6. Applicants should be in good physical health, DA will NOT take any responsibility for any concealed medical history not approved from the application form and the instructor or DA reserves the right to terminate the course immediately. Course fee will NOT be refunded in this case.

7. Instructor or DA reserves the right to terminate the course for safety reason upon observation when students are not in good health.

8. No refund for cancellation or postponement once enrollment is confirmed. 

9. Applicants should complete the enrolled course within ONE year. If the limit is exceeded, DA reserves the right to terminate the course without refunding.

10. Applicants should ensure their ability to swim prior to the enrollment of the course. DA will NOT be responsible for any loss of property or physical damage due to concealed information concerning their swimming ability. Also, DA reserves the right to terminate the course without refunding. 

11. Please take good care of all your belongings, DA takes NO responsibility for any property lost in the classroom, pool or on boat.

12. Pets are NOT allowed on board or in pool.

13. DA reserves the right to change the course timetable, instructor and location in particular circumstances.

14. Safety is always our first priority. Therefore applicants must obey the Rules and Regulations of Divers, and follow the instructions from your instructor. Entering the water without permission is NOT allowed. Violations of rules will result in prohibition of diving, at the same time, DA reserves the right to withdraw the applicants from the course where refund is NOT possible.

15. Applicants must participate in all scheduled training on time, DA reserves the right to withdraw the certificate due to incompletion of the course. 

16. All diving courses conducted by DA instructors strictly follow the international standards and regulations, each course possesses different requirements and evaluation standards, if applicants could not reach the requirements, fails the water test or final exam, or fail to complete the course in provided time, DA reserves the right NOT to issue the related certificate. Applicants could decide to take extra tutorial sessions in order to complete the course. Certificates will only be issued to those who fulfilled all the requirements set by the course criteria to ensure the safety of the applicants.

17. DA reserves the right to distribute any activity photos or videos taken during the training sessions or during on boat activities for advertising purposes.

18. DA reserves the right to accept or reject any application without giving any explanation(s).