Because most of the divers owned their diving gears, and we know how important to keep them in good condition, we recommend the diver arrange servicing annually. Replace the filter, dynamic o’ ring and other parts. Normally the servicing will be take around 1 week. Only cost less, to make the diving more safety. 

We have our own maintenance team. Also, we are the authorized centre of many diving brand, such as Mares, Scubapro, Cressi-Sub


Item Fee HK$ Time
Console Gauge (including kits) HK$180 minimum 21 days
Second Stage Regulator (including kits) HK$200 minimum 21 days
First Stage (including kits) HK$300 minimum 21 days (depend on Model or parts)
BCD (including kits) HK$300 minimum 21 days
Dive Computer Replace Battery HK$160 minimum 21 days
Steel Cylinder - Oxidation Removal HK$300 + transportation charges HK$80 21 days
Regulator Inspection Fee ( excluding Service fee & Parts and Kits ) HK$300 21 days
Over Hauling Regulator Per Set (including 1st , 2nd stage, Octopus, SPG & kits) HK$500 minimum 21 days
Express servicing service charge $300 within 5 days (Depends on Request)
1 months warranty included ( except for any misusing )
Tank Value Service (including kits) HK$150 - HK$300 21 days
Cylinder care & maintenance service Fee HK$ Time
Pressure Hydrostatic Testing HK$450 minimum 21 days
Pressure Hydrostatic Testing + Tank Value Service (excluding Kits) HK$550 minimum 21 days