Corporate responsibility Diving Adventure

Awarded the ' Caring Company" logo from the Hong Kong Council of Social Service 

Apart from promoting diving activities, Diving Adventure also advocating on practicing it's corporate social responsibility through various channel (NGO, Social Welfare Organizations and government departments). By sharing our knowledge and volunteer services,  we work together to benefit the community, divers in Hong Kong and our employees.  


1. International Association of Hand-in-hand Divers (Hong Kong) 
2. The Industrial Evangelistic Fellowship
3. Medecins Sans Frontieres
4. Project Aware
5. Hong Kong Underwater Association
6. The Hong Kong Federation of youth groups
7. Gold Award Holders Assocation Hong Kong
8. Children's Heart Foundation
9. WWF
10. Adriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department

Caring for the community

HSBC Living Business[Community Engagement Award 2014] Certificate of Excellence
HSBC Living Business[People Caring Award 2014] Certificate of Excellence.
HSBC Living Business[Green Achievement Award 2014] Certificate of Merit.
HSBC Living Business[HSBC LIVING BUSINESS 2014] Long Term Achievement Award
2014 Hong Kong Outstanding Corporate Citizenship Award [SME Sector] Certificate of Merit
The sixth year of Social Services jointly issued by the Hong Kong[Caring Company]Certificate.
  HSBC Living Business[HSBC LIVING BUSINESS 2015] Long Term Achievement Award
  HSBC Living Business[HSBC LIVING BUSINESS 2016] Community Engagement Award
  HSBC Living Business[HSBC LIVING BUSINESS 2016] Long Term Achievement Award
Establishing the IAHD to support the underprivileged in society and promote inclusive society
Encouraging diving instructors to participate in volunteer works, for example, teaching first aid course for low-income families.
Organizing scuba diving classes for handicapped
Organizing regular training courses to diving instructors on taking care of disabled
Providing free or funding summer diving programs and boat trips for the low-income families. 
Sponsoring and supporting the「MSF Orienteering Competition 」organizing by MSF every year
Sponsoring and providing instructor to The Industrial Evangelistic Fellowship to organize activities
  Sponsoring dive boat to Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and the Hong Kong Underwater Association to organize diving classes to low-income families

Support environmental protection

  Practicing waste separation on diving boat
  Encouraging energy saving
Protecting marine lives by not allow the divers using shampoo or shower gel on dive boat.
  Encouraging and educating the divers not to have shark's fin in their menu
Supporting the annual census of coral by Fisheries and Conservation Department
Building the sense of marine environmental protection, clean sea and the protection of the marine lives on divers
Supporting the annual program of marine environmental protection PADI Project Aware and submarine Clean Campaign
Supporting each of the marine environmental protection plan PADI Project Aware
Sponsoring dive boat to the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology to hold underwater cleaning day.
Distributing the leaflet of marine protection in DA's shop and classrooms
Issuing poster about marine protection in DA's shop and classrooms