Stephen AU

Founder of Diving Adventure Limited
Founder of Diving Adventure (Education) Limited
Founder of Diving Adventure (Travel) Limited
Founder of Diving Adventure (Training) Limited
PADI Course Director
PADI Specialty Instructor Trainer
TDI & SDI Instructor Trainer
IAHD Pro Trainer
DAN Oxygen Instructor Trainer
EFR Instructor Trainer
HKUA Advanced Instructor
Ex-Police Advenutre Club Trainer

Stephen Au is experienced Course Director with over 10 years of training different levels of scuba divers and instructors and recorded over 1,000 of students. He conducted scuba trips to many countries all over the world, including most of the countries in South East Asia, Maldives, Red Sea, Palau, Ecuador, Costa Rica. Also He went ice-diving in Hokkaido, Russia and Antarctica.

In 2005, Stephen obtained IAHD Course Director and establish a branch in Hong Kong, ecouraging Scuba instructors to participate in assisting disabled diver and obtaining IAHD Instructor Certification. Up to 2009, there are over 20 people obtained the IAHD Instructor Certification. In 2006, Stephen assisted to register IAHD as a non-profit making association in Hong Kong and joined Hong Kong Underwater Association as a club member, later an IAHD committee is formed by instructors and doctors who also take the job as consultants. Stephen and IAHD held many activities for the charity associations and disadvantages groups including HKJC, HKKFHY Momentum Academy, Ebenezer School & Home for the Visually Impaired, etc.